Istanbul 2018

Istanbul 2018

Seminar for Managers and Consultants

Experience two phenomenal days with the best of organizational consultancy.
Discover how to manage change processes, mergers and acquisitions, assimilation of technological, procedural or cultural changes, and improvement of customer service experience and interactions. All of which according to the Synergy Approach.


Takes Place Between 10:00 a.m. and 6 p.m.


A seminar on organizational synergy approach

What you can take from the seminar.


If your work is to supervise a unit, team, department, division or the whole organization, but you’re feeling that the fast-paced and frequent changes, diversity, postmodernity, ego or competition are too much for you, worry not. This special occasion is right for you!


Join fellow managers and consultants at the seminar designed to empower you with work tools, methods, models and practicable concepts that will help you to gain more satisfied customers and become a leading consultant.

Students of management and organizational consultancy

A great learning and networking opportunity for you. Experience how things are done in the real world.

This event equips with work tools, methods, workable concepts and models to manage change, assimilation, customer service and interactions. It offers you the greatest opportunity to network, brainstorm, exchange ideas, and strengthen your managerial skills.

The Synergy Approach

Learn how to Turn Around any Organization’s Fortunes

Graphic, simple to use questionnaires

All processes are based on structured, user friendly, simple, yet powerful tools, which we will study in the seminar.

Case studies brought by the participants and the facilitator

to demonstrate how the tools can be applied in workshops, team development processes, and organizational change management.

Assimilating complex processes of change

such as mergers and acquisitions, technological changes, and more. Creating a new organizational order acceptable to the organization’s members.

Increased outputs, performance and employee, customer and suppliers satisfaction

Improved communication and connections among members of the organization, Less conflicts, obscurity & vagueness, Less tension and frustration for employees, More motivation, More cooperation, More outcomes, efficiency & profit.

Reducing blurred borders and obscurity

Defining roles, responsibilities, authorities, procedures flows.

High R.O.I

A short, focused process which creates a new synergistic language that drives outputs over a long term.

What you’ll receive:

  • The ability to use the language and tools of synergy with special focus on the questionnaire to diagnose the 7 Forms of Interaction
  • Tools for handling destructive interactions and improving optimal interactions in general and synergy in particular
  • Tips how to give feedback (to clients or to your own employees) and transition to the improvement plan
  • Access to the closed Synergy Forum, and the possibility of posting questions and receiving responses from Dr. Rami Ben-Yshai and forum members. Forum access is open for 6 months from the seminar’s completion
  • 3 consultancy sessions (over skype) of up to 1 hour with Dr. Rami Ben-Yshai
  • A complimentary sign copy of the book

When, where, how?

The seminar will be held in Istanbul, 9-10 December 2018, between 10:00 – 18:00 At the Holiday Inn Sisli.

Price is 750 € include lunch. Early bird registration price: €500 (be sure to register before 15th October). Cancellation policy:
• 100% refund on your fee if you cancel registration before 15th October.
• 75% refund for cancellations happening between 16 October and 10 November.
• 50% refund for cancellations happening between 11 November and 20 November.
• 0% refund for cancellations happening after 21 November.
If you are unable to attend after registration, you can send an individual on your behalf.

Accreditation program: advanced levels

Organizations and organizational consultants wishing to use the synergy approach and work tools permanently can request an individually constructed qualification program from the Synergy Center for unlimited use in their own organization.

The program is based on the execution of a change project especially customized to the needs of the organization or consultant. Dr. Rami Ben-Yshai will supervised the project and it’s implementation and evaluation with the client.

about your facilitator

For over 30 years Dr. Rami Ben-Yshai has been an organizational consultant. During his work with clients, he has developed a unique model that deals with improving interactions. He has guided processes of management consulting and management development in many significant organizations using this model, including the private sector, the public sector & NGO’s

Questions? Call Us

(972) 52-331-3314
Skype:  Rami Ben-Yshai

In 2015 Rami published his book about Organizational Synergy. An English version of the book is now in Amazon. The book describes a unique model + questionnaire mapping 7 forms of interactions. The mapping helps in reducing destructive forms, and strengthening organizational synergy. By doing so the management (and the entire organization) improve its ability to work together in spite (I would say thanks too) ego and diversity.

This ability is especially needed in start- ups, creating new teams, when a new member joins the board or management, M&A, structural or technological changes, & Intercultural and intra-cultures projects.

Today Rami is teaching consultants and managers how to use this model.  Rami’s vision is to enable more and more organizations and managers to improve collaboration and productivity in their organizations.  To assist in creating a more tolerant and happier world – by improving collaboration within and between organizations.

Limited time presale price of €500.

Join me in Istanbul. I’d love to meet you there!

registration till 15/10

Special offer for participants of IODA Conference – €400.

IODA Conference members – €400.

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