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Covid-19 – Threats & Opportunities Triathlon

To spark a conversation about diversity in your organization, facilitate an activity or process that can raise issues of diversity, and that activity must involve the mutual creation of a new reality. One such activity is the “message exercise” in which a brief instance of massaging the point where the neck and shoulder meet enables you to experience a new reality on a firsthand basis.

How to Reduce Patterns of no Communication to Avoid Invasion and Obscurity

When employees feel that the management doesn’t involve them in decision-making processes, they would feel that the organization doesn’t listen to them. It can be difficult to assimilate a new procedure, order, command or technology if employees perceive it as unfair, unsuitable, harmful or incorrect. If nothing is done to correct one-way communication, these feelings can change in invasion or obscurity interactions. Consequently, the organization has to bear the consequences of low motivation and low productivity.

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