Organizational Synergy –

A Practical Guide

Recalibrate Interactions to achieve Peak engagement, productivity & Profit.

About the book

Discover A Whole New Process & Revolutionary Tools.

In a clear and professional language, Dr. Rami Ben-Yshai shares the secrets of organizational synergy.

This book provides work tools and methods, which enable you to:

  • Turn your company into a leader in its field
  • Link “the stars” to productive teams
  • Manage M&A or any change successfully
  • Reinforce connections between managers and employees
  • Create a link between technological changes, structure, processes and employees
  • Improve the customer service experience
  • Enhance satisfaction, engagement, and retention of employees, clients, managers and shareholders

Organizational Synergy – A Practical Guide is a must-read for every manager, entrepreneur, business owner and organizational consultant who wants to profit and succeed in today’s business environment.

“This book is a practical, methodical and user-friendly tool. It helps you to assimilate the language of synergy smoothly in the organization, especially during specific conflicts. A message that deeply impressed me is the fact that parties don’t have to reach an agreement to respect each other. The message-circle experiment is one that I’d recommend to my department managers to apply to their subordinates. For me, the blank pages in the exercises section served as a bridge between theory and practice.”

Yaara Malca, VP Organizational/Operational/Technological Development, Orgal Insurance Agency.

Clients & Recomendations

We Cover an Array of Individual & Corporate Organizational Synergy.

Ayala Garon, Quality Processes Manager, DSIT – producers of sonar and security systems.

This book methodically and clearly describes all forms of interaction which may exist in any company. Special emphasis is placed on synergy: when it can develop, and how it can be achieved from any of these interactive relationships. After I read the book, the term “synergy” changed from being an abstract vision to a viable objective. I was able to define goals and create the processes for achieving it in our company.

Gil Peretz, author of “WOW” and international lecturer on leadership, influence and peak performance.

Dr. Rami Ben-Yshai provides a clear presentation of the tools and process for creating effective synergy among your organization’s departments, and between organizations wishing to cooperate for improved outcomes. I greatly appreciated his approach, which emphasizes growth derived from interpersonal differences, foregoing the negative elements of ego, and integrating forces on the way to business success.

Chaim Glancer, Engineer & CEO of the Institute of Assessors

I gained practical tools for improving outputs by improving synergy with and among employees and clients. I intend to study this more deeply and apply it in our organization.

Doron Bakchy, CEO, Bringoz

Rami forged team spirit in a unique fashion. We learned to give space to diversity, which actually encourages linking between managers. Rami assisted us greatly: this is the first time I felt comfortable about being away on a business trip abroad, knowing that things would be working okay even when I was physically absent.

Dr. Ora Setter, Senior Organizational Consultant & Training Manager, Israel Organizational Development Association.

This book presents fascinating questions to consultants: what organizational synergy is, is it always correct to aim for it, what costs might it entail, and is cooperation and containment necessary in order to assimilate it. However, the book’s greatest contribution is in offering the 7 Forms of Interaction Model. The model helped me to set things in concrete order in a consultancy situation in the day I read the book. I warmly recommend everyone to study this wonderful tool available to us.

Yoram Shiffer, CPA, managing partner in Ziv, Shifer & Co. Accountancy

Rami was with us every step of the way, advising throughout the merger which eventuated in the “Ziv, Shifer & Co.” accountancy firm. The cooperation Rami made possible between the two offices improved organizational culture and profits. The synergy Rami created produced what synergy should: the whole was greater than the parts. This book, which was still in production at the time, tangibly presents the perception, tools and working processes needed for a successful merger.
Reading this book several years after the merger’s completion let me evaluate our achievements since then and recalibrate to the current reality. The book can greatly assist anyone considering the merger process.

Dr. Yaniv Zeid, Attorney.

Implementing the synergy principles taught by Rami saved me precious management time, pushed the company forward, and promoted the personal and professional development of my team. Dr. Rami ben-Yshai is not only a fascinating speaker and senior organizational consultant but uses his rich experience to convey content in clear, practical terms. I warmly recommend the book.

Adriana Dvir, architect, Dvir Yehiam Architects and Urban Planners

In Urban planning, teamwork is critical to the final outcome’s quality, but no less to staying within timetables. As a managing partner, I need to recruit and preserve retain the best professionals in the field. Reading this book provided me with new insights and broader perceptions and offered many tips for improving the relationships among employees, team units, external consultants used by our clients, and even with my own business partner. I warmly recommend the book to all owners of small to medium size businesses, particularly if they do not have the resources to hire ongoing consultancy.

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