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How to Improve Interactions among Employees in Your Organization

When you hand out a questionnaire to your employees, and the perception index for invasion or obscurity in boundaries falls outside the acceptable range of 2% to 3%, you must act. At worst, invasion perception should be 7%. Otherwise, your organization is sick, and requires a tailored solution to a specific perception.

The Change Implementation Stage of the Synergy Process Assimilation

Once you diagnose your organization’s problems and recommend necessary actions, it’s time to implement the changes. However, your steering committee can’t execute the changes alone. Create an improvement team consisting of members drawn from across all hierarchical levels in your organization. Membership is voluntary, and members must have a genuine interest in and attraction to the team’s activity. Allocate them an annual budget and authorize team’s activity – and you’ve started a change implementation process.

How to Start a Conversation About Diversity in Your Organization

To spark a conversation about diversity in your organization, facilitate an activity or process that can raise issues of diversity, and that activity must involve the mutual creation of a new reality. One such activity is the “message exercise” in which a brief instance of massaging the point where the neck and shoulder meet enables you to experience a new reality on a firsthand basis.

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