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How to Reduce Invasion Between two Employees of an Organization

When two parties conflict in an organization, it can be difficult to differentiate the invader from the invaded without the seven forms of interactions questionnaire. With the latter, you can measure the perception of a mix of interactions for each party. This perception usually varies. After you analyze the responses of the questionnaire, the next step is to reach out to the invader. The intention of the meeting is to make the invader understand the consequences of their actions. Afterwards, you can arrange for a hearing, which involves both airing their grievances. Listen carefully to both sides, and come up with a tailored solution that solves the problem of each party.

How to Raise Diversity Issues in Your Organization – Safely and Professionally

In an organization, there are usually deep-rooted issues. Figuring out how to bring these deep issues to the surface effectively can contribute to the health and value of your organization. However, it’s easier said than done. People aren’t usually comfortable to open up about emotional issues. Moreover, a management style that’s mostly masculine can prevent a meaningful discourse from taking place in the first place. A “massage exercise” has been shown to be one of the effective ways to start a conversation about diversity in an organization.

How to Manage Feelings of Obscurity and Invasion in an Organization

The senior management keeps secrets — for a good reason. It could be that an organization is facing a difficult financial period – cash flow problems or lack of capital. In this instance, the senior management can decide to make major decisions without involving the employees and board. The consequence is that employees can develop feelings of obscurity and invasion, which can affect quality of interactions and synergy. This can be necessary if the benefits outweigh the risks.

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